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Our project began as a series of informal drinks that aimed to foster a sense of community for writers. As writers ourselves, we realised that it can be a difficult industry to break into and, particularly for freelancers, isolating. We wanted to help writers meet each other and to tackle issues that we found so many people were struggling with.

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“It was an honour to be expertly (yet gently) grilled by Kassia and Simon in front of such a smart, engaged and friendly crowd. I'll definitely be back — and taking notes.”


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Created by, for and about writers, Always Take Notes will offer a bi-monthly podcast. Listen to journalists, publishers, screenwriters, novelists and agents talk candidly about their work and career paths. Hear authors describe how they develop characters; editors explain what makes a pitch exciting; and agents outline the business end of writing a book.

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"So important, so interesting, and so much fun. I try not to miss a single session.”

— Ben judah, journalist and author of 'this is london'